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Property Management & Retail

Energy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budgets. Of the almost 5 million commercial buildings in the U.S., retail buildings account for the largest energy costs - nearly $20 billion each year.

Volatile energy prices are affecting every building owner and property management group, and if not strategically sourced, such expenses will erode the profitability of any property portfolio or result in inflated, uncompetitive lease rates. In the retail market, competition for the consumer is constantly increasing which makes it more critical than ever for retail companies to reduce energy costs and keep your organization competitive.

With Energy Enablement managing energy agreements and delivering accurate, cost effective budget projections, our property management and retail customers can focus on growing their portfolio and gaining profitable market share.

Energy Enablement helps Property Management and Retail Companies:

  • Achieve best price and terms for energy supply
  • Manage through supplier credit checks for your owner entities and buildings (LLC's)
  • Manage contract redlines and execution for your owner entities and buildings (LLC's)
  • Aggregate load of portfolio assets without any unintended subsidization
  • Contract align expiration dates of multiple energy supply agreements
  • Support new property acquisitions
  • Obtain incentives for energy efficient equipment installs
  • Develop energy management platforms that provide market monitoring, usage & cost tracking, budget projections, budget variances, and benchmarking