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Healthcare organizations spend over $6.5 billion on energy each year, and that amount is rising to meet patients' needs. Faced with increasing medical costs and tightened government reimbursements, hospitals to nursing homes must actively manage every budget line item, especially energy expenditures. Every $1 a healthcare organization saves on energy is equivalent to generating $20 in new revenues.

With Energy Enablement teaming with facility and procurement departments to control and reduce energy costs, healthcare systems can direct more financial resources on what is really important, improving the quality of patient care.

Energy Enablement helps Health Care Systems:

  • Realize best price and terms for energy supply
  • Provide in-house counsel with contract reviews/redlines of supply agreements
  • Ensure budget certainty
  • Assist procurement department in leveraging energy load and achieving cost reductions goals
  • Obtain incentives for energy efficient equipment installs and new construction build outs
  • Develop energy management platforms that provide market monitoring, usage & cost tracking, budget projections, budget variances, and benchmarking
  • Support new property acquisitions