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Government & Municipal Authorities

Government agencies spend more than $10 billion a year on energy to provide public services and meet constituent needs. Water, Airport, and Transit Authorities spend $100's of billions a year on energy in the delivery of their critical services.

In an effort to meet today's budget constraints, government and municipal authorities are increasingly under pressure to find new ways to reduce costs without sacrificing programs. At the same time, these organizations are required to maintain the highest level of process and documentation compliance around contracting and procurement procedures.

By partnering with Energy Enablement, government and municipal authorities are saving money on energy and doing more with taxpayer dollars.

Energy Enablement helps Governments & Municipal Authorities:

  • Realize best price and terms for energy supply
  • Aggregate load of multiple jurisdictions without any unintended subsidization
  • Conduct press conferences advocating aggregation programs
  • Ensure budget certainty
  • Maintain compliance to bid procedures
  • Include residents in municipal aggregation programs (opt-in and opt-out programs)
  • Develop energy management platforms that provide market monitoring, usage & cost tracking, budget projections, budget variances, and benchmarking
  • Support new property acquisitions