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U.S. Universities spend almost $14 billion annually on energy, and the nation's K-12 school districts annually spend over $6 billion more than is spent on computers and textbooks combined.

In an effort to meet budget constraints, school systems are continuously looking for new ways to reduce costs without sacrificing programs that are critical to student achievement. At the same time, schools are required to comply with rigorous state and federal regulations as well as internal purchasing procedures.

By delivering effective energy management solutions, Energy Enablement enables schools to shift funds from monthly utility expenditures to long term capital, labor and infrastructure investments that will enhance the learning environment and improve student performance.

Energy Enablement helps Schools:

  • Realize best price and terms for energy supply
  • Aggregate load of multiple systems without any unintended subsidization
  • Ensure budget certainty
  • Maintain compliance to bid procedures
  • Develop energy management platforms that provide market monitoring, usage & cost tracking, budget projections, budget variances, and benchmarking
  • Support new property acquisitions