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Data Centers

Energy consumption by data centers doubled in the past five years and will do so again over the next five at a cost that is approaching $10 billion annually. Most businesses will spend more money to power and cool their data centers than they spend on the computer systems inside them.

Energy Enablement is at the forefront in enabling Data Centers to manage, implement, and showcase dramatic savings, which frees up cash flow and allows data center leadership to manage the ever important uptime, speed and performance of their facilities.

Energy Enablement helps Data Centers:

  • Achieve best price and terms for energy supply
  • Provide in-house counsel with contract reviews/redlines of supply agreements
  • Manage ramping loads across national facility portfolios
  • Support new facilities and expansions to existing facilities
  • Review and negotiate energy terms of real estate leases
  • Obtain incentives for energy efficient equipment installs and new construction build outs
  • Enroll in Demand Response Programs
  • Develop energy management platforms that provide market monitoring, usage & cost tracking, budget projections, budget variances, and benchmarking.